Kellerman Family Offerings

Three companies, one Family tied in tradition and excellence…

MK Coaches


MK 300


MK Coach Company is owned by Mike Kellerman and Family. The Kellerman family has been serving the Funeral Industry for over 30 years by manufacturing high quality funeral coaches built on a Cadillac, Lincoln, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and Buick chassis.

I sold our funeral coach manufacturing operation in 2006 but have kept a close eye on the funeral industry. We have seen many changes in funeral service since 2006 in part due to the economy and cremation. When an industry experiences such changes as we are seeing within the funeral industry today the suppliers need also change their products to meet the new needs of today’s Funeral Director.

Platinum Funeral Coach Company



Platinum Funeral Coach may be a new name to the industry, but our experience started in 1985. Joe Kellerman, the CEO of Platinum, was just 14 years old when he started washing and detailing hearses for his uncle Mike Kellerman. Our company is centered on one main principal, a principal Joe learned from his uncle: the value of family. Joe decided to carry on that same idea in his own business: the majority of our employees are family members, and the other half we consider family.

At Platinum Funeral Coach, we do things differently- not only do we care about quality–we deliver quality. We strive to build a product we are truly proud of, one that is a tool and aide to those who use it.

At Platinum Funeral Coach, we do things our way … the Kellerman way … where excellence is the goal and family is the inspiration.

Platinum Coach Owner – Joe Kellerman

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K2 First Call Vans

K2 first call vans chryslerK2 first call vans escalade.emf


It has been said that the culmination of ones past experiences shape and define their future. That is certainly the case for Steve Kellerman, who owns K2 Products with his wife Rachel. Not only is Steve the owner of K2 Products, but also the sales manager for his brother Joe Kellerman’s company Platinum Funeral Coach.

Steve and his brother Joe grew up watching their uncle Mike Kellerman create a legacy within the funeral industry. Mike Kellerman, owner of MK Coach, at one time owned a large hearse manufacturer. Mike taught both Joe and Steve about more than building a funeral car. He taught them about the value of relationships, the need for quality, and the importance in pride in what you are making.

K2 owner – Steve Kellerman

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