Press Release: MK300 Delivers Substantial Savings to Funeral Directors

Striving to meet the needs of a changing funeral services industry, The MK Coaches Company of Cincinnati, Oh, proudly introduces the MK 300 Funeral Coach. A true purpose built vehicle, the MK 300 offers a traditional funeral coach style, but for about half the cost of a “traditionally stretched” coach.

“It was my goal when designing the MK 300 to change or alter as little as possible on the original chassis,” said MK Coaches Company President, Mike Kellerman. ” The best engineers in designing and building a funeral coach,” he said, “is the OEM factory engineers.” By building onto a heavy-duty 7-passenger w/cargo frame, and not “cutting it,” the MK 300 features a chassis that keeps crucial vehicle operational lines intact as well as all OEM factory warranties. The MK 300 boast a casket compartment that will easily carry a full size casket and air tray.


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