Heintzelman Funeral Home


Some of the greatest challenges we as funeral directors must address is a simple but powerful word called “CHANGE.” Traditionally, our family always purchased our hearses for Spitler Specialty Vehicles in Montoursville. We always received S&S Cadillac Hearses with Academy Grey. Dating ourselves, we tried never to waive from that color or Cadillac manufacturer. But as years progressed we always had to repaint a sedan or van to match and our family agreed to finally make the change and purchase traditional black coaches. The next change was to select manufacturer because S&S we felt, the quality has diminished and were not extremely pleased with the look; furthermore Cadillac has become so narrow in width and doesn’t offer all-wheel drive and navigation as a standard product, which was a negative in our book! After looking at all the products, our family wanted to work with a family run business of coach builders. We found what we were looking for at the National Convention and the Kellerman Family.

Testimonial from the Heintzelman Funeral Home

Goethals & Wells Funeral Home

We knew it was time to update our funeral coach. We had seen photos of the new MK300 but had not seen one in person. Ron King from Butler Coach encouraged us to go to the manufacturing facility in Amelia, Ohio, and look at the vehicle in person and see how it is constructed. We took his advice and went to Amelia. After meeting the Kellerman family and seeing the MK300 in person we knew this was the perfect funeral coach for our needs. A few months later we took delivery of our new coach and have had no regrets. The rear compartment is beautifully appointed and the outside has a classy appearance. We were able to provide our families with a new funeral coach at a reasonable cost. Ron King and the Kellerman family were wonderful to work with and we would highly recommend the MK300.


Chris and Marcia Wells of Goethals & Wells Funeral Home, Mishawaka, Indiana

Lakeview Funeral Home

Lakeview Funeral Home

Lakeview Funeral Home takes delivery of a new MK300 from Ron King of Butler Coach

Louisville Memorial Gardens

MK300 Butler

Louisville Memorial Gardens takes delivery of a new MK300 from Ron King and Paulane Butler of Charles R. Butler Inc

Butler Coach Company


Butler Coach Company of Carbon, Indiana would like to thank the Goethals and Wells Funeral Home of Mishawaka, Indiana for the purchase of the first MK-300 Funeral coach delivered in the state of Indiana. Pictured in front of their new funeral coach re Chris and Marcia Wells of Goethals and Wells Funeral Home. Goethals & Wells Funeral Home is a family operated funeral home with strong local roots, we are here to help families plan a unique and appropriate tribute to honor a life lived. We are proud to continue the funeral home’s tradition of being a locally owned and family operated funeral home, serving Mishawaka, South Bend and the surrounding area.

Ford Steward Funeral Home

Horace and Linda Ford, Ford Steward Funeral Home, Jonesboro, Georgia, taking delivery of their new MK300 Coach.